Frequently Asked Questions

Some Answers To Your Frequently Asked Questions


How do we work with you to stop harmful balloon and floating lantern releases. Are the clouds we make safe to touch and will they harm wildlife or the environment. What is helium and is it safe to have around my event. How long do the clouds last, how far do they fly and what happens in wind and rain. Here are just a few questions that are commonly asked and honest answers.

Are Balloon Releases As Bad As We Think?

SmileCloudsUSA is committed to ending the dangerous release of all balloons, lanterns and other floating instruments that end up harming our precious wildlife both in Florida and throughout the world. Thankfully, public balloon releases have been outlawed in many locales and we at SmileCloudsUSA have partnered with numerous sustainable wildlife foundations to ensure these measures are enforced and continue raising awareness for the future.

Are Your Clouds Really Safe For The Environment? Tough Questions – Real Answers

SmileCloudsUSA is proud to provide an environmentally safe method to get eyes in the skies without harmful remnants left behind. We are not alone in our fight to keep life-altering debris from our most treasured beaches, waterways and lagoons. Our proprietary soap fluid has been tested and certified by independent labs. It was also researched and approved prior to a show at The Environmental Learning Center in Wabasso, Florida. Helium is a non-toxic, inert, noble gas-meaning it can’t explode. It’s also the second most abundant element in the universe (after hydrogen). Though optional, we suggest adding nitrogen gas via a Gas Mixer that makes a denser slower floating cloud that hovers longer. With our mixer the helium consumption is reduced by around 75 percent-which is great as nitrogen costs about one – sixth as much as helium.

How do SmileClouds machines work and how much do they cost to run?

The machines are simple to setup and operate. You add the fluid to ordinary tap water, connect to the gas source and within 5-10 minutes you’re floating! The cost to run varies on the size of the machine and how fast clouds are being produced (gas flow). You can make 500+ clouds per hour for around $30 on our 20 inch LITE model. The cost for an hour of operation using our 36 inch PLUS cloud maker is roughly $80. All machines are powered via the gasses used and require no electricity.

How long do SmileClouds last and how far can they travel?

Depending on the atmospheric conditions, clouds can last up to an hour. Our proprietary fluid has been designed for maximum longevity while displaying a beautiful shimmer effect. When you prepare for your event you need to take into account the wind direction and speed. Clouds rise differently based on gas flow, mixture (nitrogen) temperature and humidity. They fly for miles and we’ve had hundreds of people say they saw them and followed them back to the source. Now that’s an amazing example of visual marketing working brilliantly as your event becomes a people magnet!

Can clouds be colored and can they be used for indoor events?

You can color the clouds using food coloring but note the clouds could stain objects that get touched. Our SmileCloud machines can be used indoors! The clouds will slowly dissipate while clinging to the ceiling then become a small wet spot until dried completely. Most times they leave absolutely zero trace behind but depending on the ceiling a very slight spot can be detected. The higher the ceiling the better the effect so your guests experience more float time. Always check with the venue to determine the possibility of indoor use.

How do the stencils work? Can I create any design I want?

Stencils are what shapes the cloud after it has been pushed up from the machine basin. The soap foam cloud forms as helium moves everything upward and pushes out through the hole or holes in the stencil. SmileCloudsUSA builds stencils out of a wood material called MDF or plywood. The smooth edges, strength and durability make the extra cost worthwhile either for our use or designed and sold to clients. We can build nearly any design you require for your event in any size needed. Prices are set dependent on complexity and size.  More demanding designs such as a snowflake or your logo require more materials and time due to the metal bridges being needed to hold the floating elements that create the separation. If you wish to make your own stencils we are happy to assist you.